Where to Buy Stamps at the Best Places

So where can I get postage stamps? Your first thought might be the Post Office. Although if you are like me, you don’t always have the time to add an extra stop on your daily errands just to stand in line at the Post Office. The Post Office is a place where you can send off different items such as letters and packages, but it isn’t always the best place for buying postage stamps. Generally, there are long lines of people that have to get their packages weighed and are waiting for the certified mail. In this article, you will find out where to buy stamps and how to go about doing that.

where to buy stamps

Buying Postage Stamps, The How To.

Buying postage stamps shouldn’t be hard to do, but sometimes it can be confusing. Well to start off with a postage stamp is a small piece of paper that you attach to the outside of an envelope. A postage stamp has a specific value that is set by the postal authority. When used it allows you to send your letters from your mailbox to another location.

  • The first step to buying a postage stamp is going to a place that sells stamps.
  • The second step is to ask for a book of stamps, (each book contains 20 stamps).
  • The third step is to check if the stamps are Forever Stamps, (which means if the price per stamp goes up you will not have to buy another book).
  • The fourth step is buying the postage stamps, and putting one on your letter.

Where Can I Get Postage Stamps?

Postage stamps can be purchased at different retailers as well as at the Post Office. Which makes it convent for people that lead busy lives to buy them. You can now buy them instore and online making it super easy. Here is a list of places where I can get postage stamps.

  • Instore
    1. Walgreens
    2. Gas Station
    3. Walmart/ Publix
  • Online
    1. Amazon. Com
    2. USPS.com
    3. Stamps2go.com

Now, instead of not knowing where can I get postage stamps, you will be able to find the most convent places that fit your lifestyle.

Buy Stamps at Walgreens.

Recently while completing some much-needed errands, I stopped by my local Walgreens. While there, I remembered that I needed to pick up stamps as well. I asked the cashier if she knew where I could buy stamps, she then told me that to buy stamps at Walgreens is super easy. Now, instead of adding an extra trip to the Post Office on my list of “To Do’s” I can easily pick them up at the local pharmacy. Walgreens makes everything so simple, and most Walgreens are open 24/7 making it convenient to pick up your prescriptions and buy stamps at Walgreens.
Therefore, no longer will you ask yourself, “Where to buy stamps”? After reading this article you now know how to buy stamps, where to purchase them, and what to look for when purchasing postage stamps.